Maritime research and projects are not limited to just offshore and underwater surveys. In many cases, maritime projects require shore-based operations prior to or in support of offshore work. Because of this, Thompson Maritime Consulting, LLC, offers a series of shore-based services that provide the needed supplemental research for underwater operations, but also provides consultation for public and community outreach programs. In doing so, the general public is more aware of the valuable resources along our coastlines, in our rivers and lakes, for the purpose of preserving them for future generations. Thompson Maritime Consulting, LLC, shore-based services include:

Archival and Historical Research

Education (undergraduate and graduate level curriculum)

Training (Archaeological Fieldwork Methodologies, Equipment, etc.)

 Permitting Applications

 Section 106 Compliance

 National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) Nominations

 Archaeological Diving Planning

 Desk-Based Assessments

 Data Processing and Analysis

 Shoreline Surveys

 Artifact Interpretation and Analysis

 Museum Curation and Exhibit Development

 Public and Private Lecture Presentations

 Media and Documentaries

Shore-Based Services