​Remote Sensing Surveys Using: 
    - Geometrics 882 Cesium-Vapor Marine Magnetometer
    - L3 Klein 3900 Side Scan Sonar with SonarPro Software
    - Trimble SPS855 RTK Global Positioning System
    - HYPACK 2017 Navigation, Data Acquisition, and Post Processing        Software
    - SonarWiz5 Side Scan Sonar Post Processing Software

Acoustic Hull Inspections

underwater search and Positioning operations:

    - weapon locations

    - Drowning victims

    - Other missing objects

Archaeological Surveys:
    - Phase I Level Archaeological Surveys 
    - Phase II Level Site Testing and Assessment
    - Phase III Level Data Recovery

Underwater Shipwreck Excavation:
    - Historic (Requires agreement with permitting agency and               Client has access to certified conservation laboratory)        

    - Modern (Requires proof of ownership)

Underwater Mapping, Photography, Documentation:

    - Nikon D7100 with Ikelite Underwater Housing

Archaeological Monitoring: 
    - NHPA, Sections 106 and 110 Compliance
    - State and Local Historic Preservation Regulations
    - Department of Defense (DoD) Orders 4710.1 and 4715.3
    - US Army Regulations and Procedures 200-4

3D Modeling:
    - Using Rhino5 3D and sketchup Modeling Software
    - Geo-referenced 3D Photogrammetry Modeling using agisoft          photoscan professional* 
    - Shipwreck Modeling
    - Underwater Site Modeling

    * Newly developed technique and only Provided by Thompson Maritime Consulting, LLc.

Commercial Diving Services:
    - Wreck Salvage Operations 
    - Pneumatics
    - Rigging and Lifting
    - Hyperbaric Chamber Operations

Qualified Instructor of the Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets and Bandmasks User/Operator Course:
    - Certified by Dive Lab, Inc.