Geophysical / Marine Remote Sensing Surveys

   -  Side Side Sonar 

   -  Marine Magnetometer 

   -  Ultra-Short Baseline 

   -  DGPS and Real-Time Network Satellite Positioning 

   -  Acoustic and Magnetic Data Post-Processing 

   -  Data Analysis and Interpretation 

   -  Qualified Maritime Archaeological Assessments (QMA)

   -  Client Representation for Offshore Wind and Energy Projects

Section 106 Compliance

   -  Submerged Cultural Resources Management Surveys

   -  Site Preservation and Management Planning

   -  Submerged Site Documentation

   -  SHPO / OSA Permit Applications

   -  Archaeological Liaison

   -  Archaeological Monitoring

Above - the - water Services

Underwater  Services

Maritime Services

Thompson Maritime Consulting, LLC, offers a range of maritime services specifically tailored to meet the needs of various marine-related industries. 

Diver Reconnaissance

   -  Preliminary Site Mapping and Assessment

   -  Full-Face Mask and HAZMAT

   -  Underwater Communications (Topside to Diver / Diver to Diver)

Underwater Mapping

   -  Underwater Digital Camera System and Housing (Nikon D810 with Nauticam Housing)

   -  Underwater Video

   -  Digital Underwater Photogrammetry (Georeferenced Using Agisoft Metashape and the            UALR Methodology with centimeters-level positional accuracy)

   -  Traditional Site Mapping

Underwater Archaeological Monitoring

Prehistoric and Historic Submerged Cultural Resources Diver Surveys

   -  Phases I, II, and III

Submerged Object Location and Recovery

   - Requires Proof of Ownership or Recovery Permit