Drone and Aerial Imaging Services

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The use of commercial drones for aerial surveying, inspections, real estate, and scientific research has experienced a sharp increase over the past decade. Improved capabilities and operatiing sensors make drones an ideal platform for providing safe and high-resolution information for an unlimited number of industries. Thompson Maritime Consulting, LLC, offers the following drone services:

Aerial Photography and Videography

   -  Real Estate

   -  Land Surveying

   -  Public and Private Events

   -  News and Media

   -  Documentaries

   -  Sports

Aerial Photogrammetry

   -  Georeferenced

   -  Processed Using Agisoft Metashape)

Archaeological Surveys 

   -  Terrestrial

   -  Maritime Landscape

   -  Partially Submerged Wreck Sites


   -  Buildings

   -  Roofs

   -  Cellular Towers

   -  Water Towers

   -  Piers

   -  Ports and Infrastructure

   -  Bridges

   -  Dams 

Note: Matthew H. Thompson, M.A., R.P.A. is a certified FAA Part 107 sUAS remote pilot and adheres to all FAA and local airspace guidelines. Proof of certification and applicable documentation are provided upon request.